about MPI

about MPI


. Understanding for the need of martial arts business

I have a background in business & marketing which means that I take photos that have a purpose. I know that your primary goal is to attract more students and I will work with you to achieve that. I make sure I understand your brand and your communication before I shoot. In some cases I can even help you build or refine your branding and your visual identity. Besides photography I do administrative work within a martial arts academy environment. I understand the challenges, needs & clients which allows me to provide you with a service and product that will suit your needs.


. Trained Martial Artist and Martial Arts Instructor

I started training martial arts about 18 years ago and very much enjoy teaching as well now. I am comfortable on the mats and can easily move in and around an ongoing class without being in the way. I can usually anticipate quite well where I have to be to capture a certain action as the basic training patterns can be very similar in every school. I always ask for a quick brief before classes to make sure I don’t miss anything.


. Familiarity with Dojo etiquette

After almost 18 years on various mats I believe I know dojo etiquette. Someone who is new on the mats will first have to find their footing whereas I’m quite comfortable in a training and martial arts environment. This allows me to fully concentrate and absorb what is going on around me.


. Talent for capturing movement

There is a moment while I’m shooting when my being a martial artist and a photographer blend. I can’t quite describe HOW I capture the shots I get. I’m an intuitive photographer and because I am able to anticipate and understand extension and contraction of movements I seem to have exceptional timing when it comes to capturing it. I love to observe movement and am lucky to have a very good understanding of it both as a martial artist and a photographer.


. Trained photographer

The combination of speed of movement and available light is always a challenge in photography. As most classes are held in the evenings you can easily get to the limitations of a camera when it comes to light. Low light combined with fast movement such as kicking or throws adds to the challenge.  Without the right equipment and technical knowledge you’d be hard pressed to get bright, crisp and sharp results in those circumstances. My gear allows me to deliver the quality we need.



I work with fixed prices but I prefer not to disclose them online. Please contact me with your needs and I’ll send you an according quote and answer any questions you might have. I’d like you to see hiring a professional photographer as an investment rather than an expense.