PRO Shoot

. Do you own a martial arts school?

. Do you want to offer a fun and exclusive experience to your students?

. Trouble finding stand out shots for flyers and campaigns?


If you are smart about how you use the photos a PRO shoot is at the same time a great retention tool and will provide you with outstanding images for your marketing needs. And the best is: it is at no cost to your school.

During a PRO shoot we take photos of your students doing techniques in front of a background, shot with studio lights at your academy. The goal is to provide you with your own photos that have impact. Professional studio style photos. Say goodbye to Stock Photos!  At the same time you are offering your students a cool experience and lasting memories. How is it at no cost to you? See below.  PRO shoots are often booked in conjunction with an academy shoot which is candid. The candid shots create the “feel” and the marketing shots the “impact”.  These photos are perfect for flyers, campaigns or posters and look super professional.



STEP 1 Preparation

I set up my mobile studio in your academy on a designated day. “Mobile studio” means that I set up a background (3 x 3 x 2 meters) that can be black, white or grey. I also set up my studio speed lights. Your students get booked into time slots and usually have a lot of fun getting their photos done!

  1. DATE & TIME: We pick a day. Depending on the size of your academy I can do the shoot during classes but it works better if there are no classes running as it can be a bit distracting.
  2. SHOOTING ROSTER: I give you a break down of let’s say 3 hours. Each student gets 10 minutes (which is plenty of time) with me.
  3. PROMOTE SHOOT: Your investment is providing the space, and promoting the shoot to your students. I will help you with the how to’s and will also give you marketing material such as a flyer and poster that you can put up. Some clients create a facebook group, others talk to students directly. The aim is to book in as many students as possible, each for a 10 minute time slot. There is usually a minimum booking that I expect per school but I will look at this with you individually.
  4. COMMIT THEM TO THE SHOOT: Your students will pre-pay for their shoot. You can see the pricing breakdown below. They pay you directly and we will do the balance later.

It is important to have enough time to prepare for the shoot!


STEP 2 Actual Photo Shoot

  1. SET UP: I set up my mobile studio
  2. SHOOTING: we shoot and have fun!! Yourself or one of your instructors assists me in giving the students some input for techniques and movements so we can get the best out of the 10 minutes.  Parents are welcome to watch and encourage.


STEP 3 Delivery of files

After the shoot I will need a little bit of time to go through all the photos. I will pick the best 10 for each student and send them a personal dropbox link with the edited high res and low res photos. You as the school owner will get a copy of all the selected photos plus some of your own that you can use for promotional purposes and advertising.



You create a unique opportunity for your students to get professional action shots of themselves for a very low price. In exchange for promoting the event and providing your dojo to host the shoot you get to use the resulting photos for free. I will provide you with all the marketing material you need to get your students excited and involved!



Cost per student is AU$ 89.- // This includes 10  edited photos

Cost for families with 2 kids is AU$ 115.- // Includes 15 edited photos

Cost for families with 3 or 4 kids is AU$ 130.- // Includes 20 edited photos

The edited photos will be delivered per dropbox to each student in high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web).


If the PRO shoot is booked as a stand alone shoot, the minimum is 20 students. If it is booked in conjunction with an academy shoot, the minimum is 10.


Please contact me to discuss further. All local bookings (Melbourne) will incur a basic travel fee. If you are interstate you’ll have to cover travel & accommodation or ideally you can split it with another school if they book within the same trip.