mamba is a sister agency to MPI focussing on everything marketing & branding specifically for martial arts schools.

mamba launched on the 1.1.2022 and will provide content in both English & German.



At Martial Arts Marketing & Branding Agency we help martial arts academies
. define a solid brand identity
. develop strong visual branding solutions
. create & manage professional online platforms (website / socials)

As martial artists ourselves we would like to see more prospects connect to and take up martial arts as we are aware of the wide benefits of this type of training.

One of the issues we see is that a lot of martial arts academies are “stuck in the 80ies” when it comes to branding, visual communication and overall appearance and activity on their online platforms.

Since the first point of contact is often a website or socials, we believe that an overall “modernized” appearance of martial arts academies will greatly increase their competitiveness with other recreational providers (yoga, pilates, F45, gyms etc.).

In short:
A modernized brand profile and communication on all levels to increase leads and open up the benefits of martial arts training to a wider audience.

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Problems that we solve
. The typical “stuck in the 80ies” look that just doesn’t cut it anymore
. The stereotype of the “dirty gym/fight club”
. One-sided perception of martial arts training
. Only attractive to a male audience
. Random marketing communication (copy & visuals)
. A look which does not reflect the quality of your academy
. Photo to Message mis-match
. Over use of stock photos (looking like every other academy)
. Visually not competitive with Yoga / Pilates / Gyms etc.
. Websites that don’t come up in search engines


Some of our services to help you solve these problems
. Visual Branding Strategy
. Professional Martial Arts Photography
. Better quality DIY photography for daily content
. Smartphone photography seminars
. Marketing Strategy
. Social Media Content Strategy
. Logos & Branding
. Graphic Design
. Website building


We are hands on and won’t just leave you with complicated theories. We will do it with you and for you and will give you tips and the right education so you can do it yourself moving forward if you chose to do so.

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Marketing & Branding Tips for Martial Arts Schools / ONLINE / GERMAN click here 

Marketing & Branding Tips for Martial Arts Schools / ONLINE / ENGLISH coming 16.10.2022


Mamba is a collaboration between MPI Martial Arts Photography International / Francine Schaepper (based in Melbourne Australia) and Arizen Marketing Agency / Glenn Jaeger (based in Zurich Switzerland)