”Francine’s photography skillfully captures the dynamic essence of martial arts, resulting in stunning images that truly stand out in the field.”

Jesse Enkamp, Karate by Jesse



After seeing the results of Francine Schaepper’s photography from the Jesse Enkamp seminar, we booked her in for a session at Kando.  Absolutely could not be happier with the results!  Francine was professional, unobtrusive, and the photos are brilliant.  We now have a set of professional, creative photos that we can use for our website, external and internal marketing, that perfectly captures the spirit and feeling of our club and students.  I could not recommend her more highly.

Paul Veldman, Chief Instructor, Kando Martial Arts



In December 2015 I ran a seminar for Sensei Jess Enkamp a visting Karate-Ka from Sweden who has a significant e-following and is world re-known. Francine was the official photographer for this event and she blew me away with the quality of her work. I was so impressed I employed her services to do a photo shoot at my dojo for the purpose of re-launching my website.

Francine has a unique ability to capture raw emotion, raw intent and a real human element when shooting martial artists. There are a lot of people who can take good photos but very few of them are good photographers. Francine has a professional setup, a professional attitude, is understanding and very accommodating. The post production of her work is just as impressive as the raw images captured.

I would recommend Francine without hesitation to any martial art school, event and organisers for your next photo shoot or to replace the use of stock images on any printed / published material.

Sensei Andrew Grace, Peninsula Karate Ishinryu Rosebud



Before starting to hire Francine as our “in house” photographer, we were using either stock photos or photos we´d taken ourselves during training. Some key attributes of our academy are the bright and spacious location and the great energy here. Since hiring Francine to do all the photography for us, our website has a much more professional and consistent look. It now really looks and feels like us and the quality of the photography reflects our strive for quality in all areas as well. The majority of our enquiries come through our website and we´ve had many comments about the great photos on it which have been crucial in motivating new students to contact us for a trial lesson.

I highly recommend Francine as a photographer in any area of martial arts. Being a martial artist herself she has a great eye for movement and how to capture it. Her work is unique and of high quality.

Shifu Stuart Holdsworth, Owner and head instructor Six Harmonies Martial Arts Melbourne



Prior to Francine´s photo session we used photographs taken by either myself or parents during classes or events at the school. It took quite a while to build a collection of images that I was happy with for our website but when the time came to update the site again the amount of effort needed to capture great quality images quickly that don´t look staged was too much. So we decided to get in a professional and that´s where Francine came in. She was/is both professional and courteous, has a martial arts background which was very important to me in that I knew that she understood the movements and types of timing that a martial artist uses. I didn´t have to explain different types of kicks or a certain move all that much. Francine already understood what I wanted and was able to make solid suggestions to help me achieve the right results. Francine was able to work in and around the classes without causing a disruption to the students in particular the children´s classes. This allowed the students to both behave and look natural in the images which has helped me capture the true look and feel of training at my school.

I can happily recommenc Francine for any martial arts photography work that you might be considering.

Craig Guest, Owner and head instructor Guests Martial Arts, Melbourne



I can highly recommend Francine Schaepper who was responsible for the great results from the shoot for my new website and business martialartsrecovery. When trying to capture movements, intensity, and flow of any martial art, it requires a photographer who understands these dynamics and can capture them appropriately. Francine has a great understanding of these concepts as she has a background in Karate, currently practices Kung Fu, and has an impressive Martial Arts photography portfolio.

If you have any projects in mind that require these skills then please get in touch with her.

Lawrence Michell, owner Martialartsrecovery “A complete martial arts supplement”



„I was Francine’s Sensei while  she studied Karate in New York City over 10 years ago and have kept in touch with her throughout the years. I have been witness to her progression in the arts and photography, and as a fine artist myself, I can attest to the caliber of her work. She has a great way of capturing the subtle movements as well as the explosive ones in the martial arts she’s photographed. As a Sensei, I can say it is because of her vast martial arts training that she’s able to do so. Francine has great knowledge of the biomechanics associated with different martial arts which makes her able to capture the techniques at the precise moment she desires.  Her work has always been both aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as powerful!

It is with full confidence that I recommend Francine Schaepper as a more than competent photographer, as well as a stellar human being.“

Sherief Makhail *Director * Japan Shotokan Karate Association-USA/PAN AMERICAS




“Your photography is very artistic and a refreshing viewpoint on martial arts.” Stuart Green, Naginata practitioner, Melbourne

„Superb photos taken from interesting angles and with great lighting.” Richart Bartley, Belgium

„Great photos, they show stillness in movement.” George Richard

„Stunning work – the subjects are focused and agile. The use of light and angles are very interesting.” Jennifer Verhaeghe, USA

„A great mix of Swiss Quality and Australian Vision.“ Michael Henzer, Schwingen / Swiss Wrestling practitioner

„Wonderful work, Francine! You capture the essence of the martial arts.“ Jesse Nichols, USA 

„You have a wide talent and especially for capturing people and their personalities in context.“ David Barrett, Photographer Aurstalia

„Beautiful! While some DOP´s film as if they were shooting stills, you take photographs as if it was a dramatic story.“ Iris Zantop, Art Director