Candid shoots are my signature service to martial arts academies and the one I believe will make the most impact towards attracting new students. The goal of a Candid Shoot is to provide you with photos that will create a visual reflection of what it feels like to train at your school. If used well on your website and social media, it will encourage prospects to call you and book for an intro class. Also, if people see that you are investing in great quality to present your service, they are likely to believe that your services offered to them will be of high quality as well.

We aim for 365 days worth of photo content. 



STEP 1 Preparation

We pick the day with most variety of classes which usually includes: Kids, Adults, Beginners, Advanced or includes various styles if you offer them. I’ve made my candid shoot a block of 3 to 4 consecutive hours which is in line with most school’s 4pm – 8pm (or 5pm to 9pm) timetables (or Saturday mornings 8am – 12pm).

I do a “Dojo Diagnostics” with each new client where we assess what photos you have, what you need, what has worked in the past, what hasn’t. I am very big on creating CLARITY before the shoot so that during the shoot, we can just flow. You will also get a written brief that you can go through with your team. It it important that your instructors feel comfortable and prepared as well. 

I’m very easy to get along with and will always strive to create a fun and relaxed energy that your students will pick up on as well. We don’t just want “serious shots”. Unless you are a bad ass fighting gym (which I have shot a few of), we want to capture interaction, smiles, camaraderie and everything that makes training at your academy special. It’s not just about flawless technique.


STEP 2 Actual Shoot

I will be on the mats capturing moments that are unique to your school and your students. Due to my martial arts training I know how to weave around people without obstructing. Because I blend in, your students will be relaxed, doing their thing and it does reflect in the photos.

I always include wide shots of your school as well as detail shots that are great for flyers and print media and much harder to get on a smartphone. For some examples, click here. Those photos are authentic, in the moment and real. They represent the feel and look of your academy.


STEP 3 Delivery of Files & using them

You will get your photos via private online gallery in high resolution and low resolution. Licensing rights are exclusive to you, copyright stays with me.  If you need help with how, when and what to post, I can help you myself or point you to someone who can support you.


Are you ready for YOUR 365 days worth of Photos? If so, get in touch here and we can chat!