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Unless they come to you through word of mouth or walk past your academy, your first point of contact with a potential new student will be on your website. The fitness industry which is the biggest competitor to any martial arts academy is way ahead when it comes to quality photography on websites and social media. It is time to step up your game. (For more about this click here)

93% of all human communication is visual and pictures are processed 60’000 times faster (!) by the brain than words. Therefore it is crucial that your visual identity is consistent over all platforms starting by anything you have online – that includes your website and anything social media. Your visual identity is the way your academy feels and looks to the outside world. 

Ideally, your potential new student should feel as if he was stepping into your academy when he enters your website. He can clearly see the bright, inviting and clean premises. He can scroll through professional head shots of all the instructors (after all, he will be learning from you!) and last but not least he will see other students, real students that train there. Not just the elite ones but also the white belts that just started the journey. If it all feels and looks right to him, he will call you to book for an intro session.

Now she comes to do the first intro session at your club. She steps inside and she feels like she’s already been there. The academy looks like on the photos, she recognizes the instructors because she has seen the photos and might even see a few student’s faces that she remembers from the page. Straight away there is trust – what you show online represents who you really are as an academy. There is already a connection. And she relaxes.

Photos create emotions and are a big part of that bridge that is crucial in building trust and a feeling of belonging during the first few instances of contact with a new student.

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