AKA Australian Karate Academy – Karate / Sydney Australia

Battistello Shukokai – Shukokai Karate / Melbourne VIC Australia

BBMA Black Belt Martial Arts – Karate / Central Coast NSW Australia (various dojos)

Beginner to Blackbelt Martial arts – Karate / Melbourne VIC Australia

Bukido Karate – Karate / Melbourne VIC Australia

Canberra Martial Arts & Fitness – Hapkido, TWD, BJJ, Korean Sword / Canberra ACT Australia

Coastal Martial Arts – Kempo, Hyper Martial Arts / Central Coast Australia

CMA Campbelltown Martial Arts – Hapkido, BJJ / Campbelltown NSW Australia

Capoeira Mestre Cicatriz Kadara – Capoeira / Melbourne Australia

Dominance Martial Arts – BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts / Melbourne Australia

Eagle Martial Arts – BJJ, Hapkido / Melbourne VIC Australia

Emerald Dragon Martial Arts Academy – Shaolin Kung Fu / Penrith NSW Australia

Empty Hands Martial Arts – Kenpo / Adelaide SA Australia

FUSION Martial Arts – BJJ, Taekwondo, Kickboxing Fitness & Wellness / Melbourne Australia

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Burwood – Only full time Gracie accredited Jiu Jitsu Academy in Australia, Melbourne

Goju Ryu Kankurin Karate Kan Intl – Traditional Goju Ryu Karate / Melbourne Australia

Guests Martial Arts – Wing Chun, Ninjutsu, MMA, Kung Fu, BJJ, Cardio Kickboxing, various weapon skills / Melbourne Australia

Hills Academy of Martial Arts – Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu / Sydney Australia

Joe’s Boxing Sydney – Competitive traditional Boxing / Sydney Australia

Karate One – Karate, competitive Karate / Sydney Australia

Kando Martial Arts – Karate, BJJ / Melbourne Australia

Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts Dojos / Various Locations Australia

Lee’s Karate – Goju Ryu karate / Melbourne Australia

Maitland Martial Arts Academy – Karate / Sydney area Australia

Melbourne Budo – Gyokushin Ryu Aik Budo (Aikido) / Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Budokai – Kendo, Iaido, Naginata / Melbourne Australia

Olympic Taekwondo – Taekwondo, Competitive Taekwondo / Melbourne Australia

Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu – Wing Chun Kung Fu / Queensland Australia

Peninsula Karate Ishinryu Rosebud – Karate / Melbourne Australia

Powerhouse Martial Arts – Taekwondo / Melbourne Australia

Red Dragon Martial Arts – Kung Fu, Tricking, BJJ / Brisbane Australia

SEMERU The Art of Movement – Silat Domas, functional movement  / Melbourne Australia

Six Harmonies Martial Arts – Shaolin Kung Fu / Melbourne Australia

Sendai Karate – Shito-ryu Shukokai Karatedo / Melbourne Australia

Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy – Taekwondo / Canberra Australia

Southside Academy of Combat – Silat Perisaidiri / Queensland Australia

Sendai Karate – Shito-ryu Shukokai Karatedo / Melbourne Australia

Tan Kyu shin martial arts – Traditional Martial Arts & Fitness Kickboxing / Adelaide SA Australia

Turnbull Academy – Karate, Aikido, BJJ / Canberra Australia

Twins Martial Arts – Karate / Melbourne VIC Australia

Ultimate Martial Arts – Karate, MMA, BJJ / Melbourne Australia

Zeus Martial Arts Academy – Taekwondo, Pancration, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Sydney Australia



Excellent Martial Arts – Ryuku Kempo / Zurich Switzerland

Karate Wallisellen – Shotokan Karate / Wallisellen Switzerland

Karateryu Gelterkinden – Karate / Basel Switzerland – collaboration on international seminars

Kampfsportcenter Siggenthal – Karate / Siggenthal Switzerland

Seiwakan Karateschule Herisau – Wadokai Karate / Appenzell Switzerland

Shotokan Zürich – Shotokan Karate / Zürich Switzerland




Seishin Karate Gi – High Quality Karate Gi developed by Jesse Enkamp / Sweden (supporter)

Budo Sport AG – apparel & support for Swiss Martial Arts Academies / Switzerland  (partner)



The Complete Martial Artist – Martial Arts & Fitness Magazine created in Australia



Australian Pencak Silat Federation – @martialartsphotographer as sponsor for states and national championships

Silat Suffian Worldwide / Bruneian Martial Art System (supporter)

EFC Educational Funding Company – Billing Company for Martial Arts Academies (speaker)

WKF – cooperation with the World Karate Federation to promote Karate as a Sport for the Olympics 2020 and beyond / worldwide

Karate Victoria – Kobe Osaka Championships Victoria 2012 & 2013 / Melbourne Australia

Schwingerverband Basel Stadt – Swiss Wrestling Cellar / Basel Switzerland

WTQA / Wushu Tai Chi & Qi Gong Australia



Shifu Shi De Yang – 31st generation Shaolin monk, internationally well known / China

Shifu Yan Lei – 34th generation fighting diciple from Shaolin Temple in Henan province / China

Jesse Enkamp the “Karate Nerd” – Karate Ka / Sensei, Blogger and well known figure in the world of Karate / Sweden

Benjamin Steffen – Top Swiss Fencer – Swiss Fencing Team / Basel Switzerland

Oliver Enkamp – MMA fighter / Sweden

Fight Creative, Chan Griffin – Stunt Coordinator and martial artist, fighting for film / Adelaide Australia


disclaimer: all listed academies, companies and individuals have worked with me at some point or another. I do not, however, take credit for ALL the photos displayed on their websites and socials.