Professional Head Shots

. Do you run a successful martial arts school?

. Do you have a leadership program?

. Do you think your instructors are important?


Of course your instructors are important. In most cases they run your business and the students relate to them. Therefore it is crucial that you give them an accurate representation at least on your website. A professional head shot will say a lot to a potential student. Not only will they clearly see who they will be dealing with but they can already relate to you and your team. A bad head shot is like meeting someone in a dark alley way. It could be the friendliest person on the planet but you just can’t tell… In fact I find this such an important part of your visual communication that I include head shots of your team if you book a PRO shoot. 



Head shots are done using my studio lights at your academy. I need approximately 2m x 2m to set it up so depending on the size of your academy we can run the head shots parallel to my candid photography or we’ll do it afterwards.