Are you a small to medium school?

Do you do most marketing & communication yourself?

Do you feel like you need help with certain aspects?


If this is you, the 360° Visual Identity solutions could be of great value to your business. Not every academy has a marketing specialist on board and often small adjustments and tips will go a long way.  I usually provide you with a substantial amount of photos – but once I hand them over I assume that you know how to use them. If you don’t,  your investment is not worth as much as it could. So if you feel a little bit helpless – I can help you sort out the basics with those add ons. For a small fee you can add these to your academy profile booking with me or you can just book the consulting using photos you already have.

The goal of the 360° VISUAL IDENTITY SOLUTION is to provide you with a basic map that consolidates everything from your in house branding to how you communicate on digital platforms. You can book the whole 360° or chose the services that you need. Below find a rough outline on what I  offer. For more specialized services (the whole technical side of it) I can refer you to a specialist.


Step 1 // Brand evaluation (free service)

I will look at all your online platforms (website, facebook, instagram etc.) and write a report of what I perceive. I will check things like clarity of communication, navigation on website, quality of photos and content etc. I will give you a break down on what you look and feel like from the eyes of a potential student and what I think your demographics are based on what you communicate.

Step 2 // Digital Identity evaluation – visual & communication ($90.-)

We meet at your academy and I check if  your digital identity (Step 1) matches your school in reality. We will discuss points that can be improved or should be synchronized. You want your visual identity to be as concise as possible on ALL PLATFORMS. The same applies for communication and language on all platforms which we will touch on also.

Step 3 // Photography

This is where a photographer steps in! At this point you know what you need and what you have to look out for. If I’m your photographer of choice then I can base my service on our analysis and provide you with exactly what you need.

Step 4 // How to use your photos with maximum impact ($90.-)

I will provide you with a basic outline on how to best use the photos I just handed over. This includes what photos to best use on printed material, how to publish them on facebook with most impact etc. This will be a basic outline but one that will get you a lot more our of your photos than just posting them all at once or not at all. If you then want more specialized advice and services I can refer you to someone who is an absolute wiz at that.


Please note that photography is STEP 3! I do a brand evaluation prior to all shoots with new clients but it helps to have the visual identity chat and evaluation before shooting.